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"Training is the act of teaching a skill or a set of skills to someone to ensure that those skills are available when required"

To all individuals wishing private lessons, basic firearms training, and instructor training there will be nothing available until this fall. In June I have two eye surgeries scheduled, and hopefully the first part of July I will be having my right knee replaced...again.

Thank you for your for your understanding in these matters, and I assure you I shall be teaching again as soon as possible. Have a good summer and be careful on the range.

Arizona Gun Teacher offers basic and advanced instruction that will build your skills and increase your proficiency with most firearms. The founding instructor, Craig Cox, is the former Chief Instructor at Rio Salado Sportsmans Club and is an NRA Certified Training Counselor and NRA Firearms Instructor. Craig is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Certified Rifle Instructor, Certified Shotgun Instructor, Certified Home Firearm Safety Instructor and Certified Personal Protection in the Home Instructor and offers advanced classes with each of these firearms as well. Arizona Gun Teacher courses are conducted in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. While safety is emphasized, every effort is made to ensure the courses are enjoyable for all. With our small class sizes and expert instructors , you will receive a level of personal attention not possible at other firearm teaching facilities.

Mom and son with riflesArizona Gun Teacher lessons are affordable and designed so that you may continue your training and build your skills through each course. The courses are conveniently scheduled, including weekends, to fit your schedule. If your schedule is tight, you can privately schedule courses for dates that accommodate your schedule.

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